Advanced Management Operations Platform (AMOP) is a tool that allows users to fine-tune how their customers’ utilize data. Manage data options effectively with packet filtering, domain access list, or private WAN services. Customized rate plans and rules eliminate lost data and the risk of encountering expensive overage fees. AMOP is available for domestic and International Cisco/Jasper instances.





How it works

Altaworx helps clients analyze and control how devices work in the field so they can immediately respond to market conditions and customers’ needs. Management is simplified through a real-time view of how devices are connecting to and using the AT&T network across all points of connection.

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Optimized Mobile Data Billing

Clients are billed only for the data they use.



Lost data and overages are eliminated.



Gain complete client visibility with real-time usage and SIM controls.


Streamlined Billing

Receive a single, easy to read bill for all sites.

Advanced Features

Take advantage of industry-leading features.

  • Customer private APN
  • Cisco open DNS
  • Split tunneling
  • Private connection to cloud vendors: AWS, Azure, IBM, and more
  • Altaworx private data center services
  • Private VPN connections
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