Telecom Expense Management for businesses in the South

Telecom Expense Management for businesses in the South

Why do you need Altaworx  mobility and telecom expense management?

For companies that might need help with mobility and telecom expense management in the South (Mobile/Pensacola/Biloxi, Gulfport, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, Birmingham AL and Atlanta  ), we’re the company that is right for you. Below are just some of the areas we can provide telecom expense management services for.

  • Multiple Bills—you spend thousands of dollars in labor paying monthly bills.
  • Late Fee and Interest on telecom bills—are you incurring late charges and fees each month on your telecom bills?
  • No Telecom Inventory—you don’t know which service you are paying for and what you have at each site.
  • Wireless Overage Charges—are you paying overages on your telecom bills each month.
  • Cost Allocations—your monthly labor cost is too high.
  • Carrier Billing Errors—you don’t have any way of knowing if your bills are correct each month or you spend labor hours each month making sure you bills are accurate.

When you don’t use a telecom/mobility expense management system you can suffer from the problems above and many more.

The Altaworx telecom expense management system allows you to avoid these issues.

  • Reduced labor cost—stop sending labor hours paying, auditing and allocating the cost on your telecom bills.
  • No more late fees and interest—most telecom carriers charge a late fee and interest on telecom bills. In some cases this can be as high as 20% per month. The Altaworx TEM Solution eliminates these charges and ensures your bill will always be on time.
  • Telecom Inventory—having an accurate telecom inventory can help you avoid duplicate cost and know when it is time to renegotiate your contracts. This can save you thousands in extra telecom cost and eliminate unnecessary services.
  • Manage Wireless Services—The Altaworx TEM Solution, can also assist you in managing your wireless service. This helps you avoid overages, manage your plans and eliminate devices with no usage.
  • Eliminate Carrier Billing Errors—Altaworx’s automated bill auditing process checks your bill for carrier errors each month and ensures you don’t incur charges from carrier billing errors. The service allows you to manage the process of recovering any charges that were made in error.

The Altaworx telecom expense management application will save your business thousands and eliminate hours of unnecessary labor cost paying and managing telecom bills.

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