Product Acquisition Consulting and Project Management

Why do you need Altaworx’s help in deciding what service will help you best meet your company’s goals?


  • Changing Technologies—technology changes at a very rapid pace, often times it is difficult to determine when it’s time to adopt technologies that will help you meet company objectives.
  • Wide Variety of Carrier Options—each carrier offers a wide variety of options and approach to providing carrier solutions.
  • Complex Carrier Contracts and Processes—many large carriers have complex bills and processes around quoting, contracting and ordering their services.
  • Varying Company Departmental Goals—often times a company’s departments have varying goals. Many companies don’t have a process for deciding what internal priorities need to be addressed and in what order
  • The Need to Reduce Expenses—many companies don’t know how to evaluate telecom expenses to determine how changing or updating service can impact company expenses.


Altaworx telecom consulting services can help you navigate the complex carrier world by first determining what your company goals are, then what services will help you meet those goals.


  • We put our 15 Years of experience working with the country’s largest telecom carriers on our customer’s behalf. Our consultants have decades of experience helping enterprise customers meet their technology goals with services that have the best impact on their organization.
  • Altaworx started as a technology company. Our staff understands the hardware implications of selecting new carrier services and can help you in making hardware and services decisions.
  • Once the right services have been selected, we provide our customers with a Telecom Expense Management Platform and an Enterprise billing platform to view and manage all accounts and locations from a single portal.
  • We do fee based billing for our services. Altaworx does not try to take a percentage of the savings generated by our recommendations.   The “percentage for service” approach often leads to a decision based on what is the cheapest and not what will be the most effective solution to help our customers meet their goals.