Mobility Data Plans & Applications

Mobility Data Plans & Applications

Altaworx’s mobility data plans and applications use the power of AT&T’s IP network to deliver fast, reliable data connections.

With AT&T’s wireless wide area network (WWAN), our customers can establish connectivity and conduct business from virtually anywhere.

During circumstances when hard-wired Internet connections aren’t available, you can reliably set up a data network for your operations. Backup connectivity in the form of AT&T’s cellular network provides peace of mind and ensures a secondary layer of support.

For tradeshows, retail kiosks, digital signage, and much more, our mobility data plans and apps help you operate efficiently wherever you are. Additionally, for large-scale organizations, connectivity to corporate networks (for mobile devices and remote workers) is achievable through AT&T’s Commercial Connectivity Services (CCS).

Choose from a variety of data plans to fit the needs of your business.


  • establish reliable connectivity and backup
  • work from anywhere
  • ensure continuity during T-1, DSL, and cable outages
  • eliminate the need for wired connections


  • CCS plans available for groups or individual workers
  • secure wireless transactions protect sensitive data
  • multiple data plans offer pricing and budget flexibility
  • back-end connectivity between WWAN and AT&T’s cell network

For more information, visit our AT&T Mobility Page.