Altaworx Hosted PBX & SIP Trunking

Altaworx Hosted PBX & SIP Trunking

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Hosted PBX

Altaworx’s Hosted PBX platform represents a significant improvement from traditional phone systems. With our cloud-based solution, businesses eliminate the need to maintain legacy phone systems and the associated inefficiencies of upgrading hardware and allocating square footage to rooms full of equipment.

Altaworx integrates effortlessly with existing hardware and software, enabling businesses to make an easy transition to our fully-managed Hosted PBX.

Features include user-based customizations for individual phones, private MPLS connectivity, enhanced voice quality, network redundancy, and immediate availability to system upgrades.

Reduced overall costs, minimal upfront investment, and predictable annual expenses make Altaworx’s Hosted PBX the smart choice for business phone systems.


SIP Trunking

To simplify your business’s data services, Altaworx’s SIP Trunking combines voice and Internet access over a single Internet connection.

Using your Hosted PBX through Altaworx, our SIP Trunking solution improves functionality and measurably reduces costs. Without the need to purchase and maintain banks of analog phone lines, your business can administer phone and Internet connectivity for significantly less than traditional methods.

Whether your business is a single entity or spread out across multiple locations, Altaworx’s SIP Trunking can accommodate your needs. Our solution skillfully routes peak traffic, optimizes bandwidth based on capacity requirements, and delivers enterprise-class QoS (quality of service).

With a full complement of voice, data, and managed IT services, Altaworx’s SIP Trunking makes it all possible, allowing us to provide and manage the entirety of a business’s communication needs.