Why Partner With Us?

Why Partner With Us?

Altaworx’s partners provide their customers with a hosted VoIP system powered by AT&T’s extensive and technically-sophisticated network. Our best-in-class Cloud Voice product allows users to take their business phones anywhere without losing connectivity or functionality.

Additionally, we manage platforms that deliver voice, data, mobile, and video services rolled into a single solution. With Altaworx, our partners can offer an array of technical services to their customers with ease.

Through cloud functionality and associated cost efficiencies, we make the Managed Service model a reality for all of our partners.


Trusted Support

For every partner, we deliver a customer service experience that is second to none.

We do not outsource technical support to third parties or non U.S.-based entities.

We maintain an in-house team of knowledgeable, responsive experts that are available around-the-clock, every day of the week. Our professionals are equipped to address and resolve a wide range of requests as they arise.



Our platform maintains the flexibility to handle every organization’s unique operational demands. Equally important, our VoIP service works on existing equipment so there’s no need to overhaul technical infrastructure when partnering with us.

Implementation is simple, and we guide you through the setup process.

Together with our partners, we deliver a range of individualized, ongoing support, from quotes and pricing to sales expertise to pre-configurations to monthly contracts and much more.



We develop, enhance, and maintain our own systems. This means customer upgrades happen immediately, while our professionals monitor and optimize system performance every day.

Our hosted VoIP service is redundant and scalable across several data centers, ensuring availability at all times to our partners and their customers.



Our partnership program allows you to earn: 1.) recurring commissions during the entirety of your customer’s relationship with Altaworx; 2.) upfront profits for closed sales.


Sales Guidance

Need help closing a sale? Our professionals possess knowledge and experience in a variety of industries, and can offer guidance and suggestions when needed during the sales process.


To request more information on becoming an agent, visit http://altaworx.com/request-a-quote/