One Call Away: Telecommunication Expense Management Services

One Call Away: Telecommunication Expense Management Services

Posted on: July 30th, 2016

telecommunications expense management

In building a business in the corporate world, creating a network of relationships is one of the most effective fundamentals towards success. Efficient communication is a way to construct a solid foundation for any relationship that a person wants to establish. Being able to convey a message to another person is an essential skill. Nowadays, real-time communication is not only limited to face-to-face interaction: there are several available ways, the most population option being the access of telecommunication services.

Telecommunication services, or telecom for short, are the trade of information over noteworthy distances by electronic means. A complete telecom circuit is composed of a two stations, each with a transmitter and a receiver. People pay telecom companies for their services, which often times include the electronic station (or this case, a mobile phone), and the system that enables the trade of information.

Just like any industry, telecom providers treat their assistance as a business, thus, they require an amount in return. Keeping track of the breakdown of costs for telecom carrier services is a very tedious job and is often taken for granted by businesses. This may cost the business more than they know. Several of the issues that arise when availing telecom services include the following: allocating costs to a specified department to conduct a check and balance of the incurred expenditures, possible errors by the telecom service carrier, no access to the breakdown of services.

Successfully managing telecommunication expense actually saves the company a lot. Availing for a telecommunication expense management system (also known as TEMS) allows doing just that. It has many advantages, including the following:

  • Availing TEMS reduces the need to assign separate personnel in paying, auditing and allocating the costs of the telecom bills
  • Having an accurate telecom inventory also helps in avoiding redundant service costs to be paid to the carriers. It also helps when re-examining the service contract, eventually leading to renegotiation of conditions, thus, saving possibly thousands in extra telecom costs and removing unnecessary services.
  • Most telecom service providers ask for additional fees when the bill is not paid on time. Several also include interests that increase based on the length of time the bill is unpaid starting on its due date. TEMS ensure that bills are paid on time.
  • Some TEMS include an automated bill auditing process that checks monthly bills for carrier errors. This guarantees that there are no incurred charges from carrier billing errors. This process allows the management of the process of recovering any charges that were made in error.
  • TEMS may also assist in managing wireless services. This helps in avoiding overages (or the excess or surplus; the amount by which a sum of money is greater than a previous estimate) and managing the telecom plan and eliminating devices with no usage.

TEMS is a great tool to manage telecom services competently. It certifies that the telecom is used to its best potential and that it is utilized to the fullest by the company.

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