Wireless LTE Broadband Network Failover for Business with Speeds Up to 75 MB

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Having a wireless backup solution from Altaworx ensures your business communications network has automatic, cost effective backup to your wireline internet service or private wide area network (WAN).

  • Eliminates costly interruptions to your critical business processes.
  • Ensures you’re always connected to the internet, private data networks and your voice service providers when your wired internet service is not available.
  • No more lost revenue or frustrated customers because your internet service is down.
  • Stay connected to the internet when natural disasters disrupt your wireline internet access.

Our Wireless Backup Routers allow your staff to keep serving customers without interruptions when your primary internet service provider or private WAN is down. The Altaworx backup solution is an easy to install, cost effective way to make sure your business stays up and running, protecting your bottom line and keeping your customers happy.

Prices starting at $29.95 per month. Call your sales representative for more information.

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