GPS Asset & Fleet Tracking

fleet tracking and gps asset tracking servicesAltaworx GPS Asset and Fleet Tracking Solutions (powered by AT&T)

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Having GPS Asset and fleet tracking solutions for your business makes your company more productive and efficient while reducing costs. Increase productivity, decrease expenses and increase profits using our fleet tracking business solutions.

  • Save Fuel – Reduce your fuel costs dramatically by implementing fleet tracking technologies that actually help your company save money while being more efficient. Eliminate unnecessary driving by optimizing routes and eliminating personal stops and unauthorized use.
  • Reduce Speeding – Eliminate unsafe driving, extend the life of your vehicles, and improve gas mileage. When a driver has an aggressive driving behavior and speeds it costs you money. And, with all of the excessive idling they add on to that fact, your company spends more on fuel. Up to 20% more.
  • Get Alerts – Know what’s happening with your vehicles as it happens and maintain a better fleet.
  • Reduce Labor Cost – Receive accurate records of hours driven with historical data.
  • Improve Customer Service – Know where your vehicles are at all times, allowing you to route the closest vehicle to new service calls.

Fuel cost is the number one operating cost for companies with fleets. Harsh and aggressive driving, speeding, and unauthorized use all contribute to higher fuel cost. Using fleet and asset tracking reduces fuel, maintenance, and labor costs, while improving customer service, productivity, and efficiency.

Technically defined, Asset Tracking is the method used to monitor and track a company’s physical assets. It falls under the process of Asset Management: the process of tracking and monitoring a company’s fixed and movable assets for financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence purposes.


Movable Assets include anything that is part of a building like machinery, equipment and furniture. It also includes commonly moved business items like computers and mobile phones. You can read more here.

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