• Why Altaworx?
    We focus on what is good for our customers by listening, educating and helping them select the best solutions for their organization. As a Platinum Partner of AT&T we help our clients find products that work for their business.

  • What is the Altaworx Process? Our process is to understand our customers business goals and find ways to help them reach them. Once we have listened to our customers, we put our decade of experience with AT&T products to work helping our clients reach those goals.

Hosted PBX, Machine to Machine, Secure LTE Wireless WAN & Backup Solutions, and Mobile VoIP Solutions

When businesses in Alabama, Texas, Georgia and across the US need a hosted PBX solution that works for them, Altaworx is who they turn to. We offer Machine to Machine products and services to address a large variety of business needs. When companies in the South look for a Hosted PBX solution or Telecom Expense Management or even Fleet Tracking capabilities, they turn to us because of our years of experience and our professional approach.

The Altaworx Approach

With so many alternative solutions available in today’s market, the challenge remains the same for those charged with evaluating and selecting a solution that best meets the needs of their organization. Since our inception in 2001-Altaworx has utilized the same approach to assist its customers in meeting that challenge.

We are a Platinum Elite Partner of AT&T and we offer the wide range of Telecom services for your business needs. VoiP, Hosted PBX, GPS Asset and Fleet Tracking, Telecom Expense Management and much more. If your company would like to increase its productivity while saving money, we have many services and products that can help. Contact our staff for more information or if you have any questions at all.



We listen to our customers to thoroughly understand their on going business initiatives and understand their internal processes. The goal of our initial meeting is to better understand their business to ensure any recommendation we make will have a positive impact on their organization.


Following our initial meeting, our findings will be reviewed by a team of engineers from both Altaworx and AT&T to develop the appropriate recommendations to ensure their maximum impact and specific alignment to your organization initiatives.


It is our intent at the outset of this process to begin laying the foundation for a long-term relationship. When a selection is finally made, whether it involves Altaworx or another vendor, we want it to be the one that has the most impact on our customers organization.